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        HuntKey Shanghai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., was established in January 2000, in May 2001 the establishment of processing plants, in June 2013 by the No. 1908 B Building, 5th Floor, West Gaoke Road Pudong New Area, moved to its present address: 99, Lane Road, Pudong District, Shanghai Shen Mei 8 area B, the existing plant area of 4,000 square meters, the registered capital of 30 million yuan, is specialized in circuit board control systems and electronic product development, design, production and assembly testing and other one-stop electronic manufacturing services to high-tech enterprises. The company has advanced SMT chip production lines, wave soldering equipment, assembly lines and ICT, AOI, X-Ray and other advanced detection equipment. The company has specialized in circuit boards, electronic product development, engineering and technical personnel and quality control of manufacturing, specializing in a variety of complex circuit boards, electronic products supporting services, companies have a smooth procurement channels and rich experience in procurement, due to experience and infrastructure components of trade, to fully meet the various needs of customers. GE, Xerox, Honeywell and other well-known international companies are our customers, providing high-quality products and quality service is our aim. 
        We have become the world's leading electronics manufacturing services company as HuntKey vision. In the future market competition, product quality, price, delivery, service and other aspects to gradually establish their own brands. We will meet the diverse needs of customers as we pursue the goal, innovation is the basis of our survival, we will strive to constantly improve themselves.

Address: Shanghai Pudong Shen Mei Road 99, Lane 8 Zone B


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