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About Us

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● 2014 Nian. 11 13, listed on the National SME share transfer system, ie three new board, stock name: HuntKey Electronics: Code: 831 310

● 2014 Nian 5 19, by the "Shanghai Electronics Co. Hangjia" restructuring "HuntKey Shanghai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd."

● 2012 Nian Company in August full use of self-developed production process execution management system EMS

● the end of 2012 to obtain Singer Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. Shanghai title of outstanding providers

● In 2007-2011 won four consecutive years Xerox Green Certificates

● 2005 started using ERP systems to manage the daily flow

● 2005, adopted in December ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Certification

● 2003, adopted in March ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification

● 2003 the company in October was Shanghai high-tech enterprise certificate

● January 2000 Shanghai Electronics Co., Ltd. was established Hangjia

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